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Impending Supreme Court Cases that Affect Your Family

Nowadays, there are up to 8000 cases that are filed in the Supreme Court in the US. There is a need to mention that most of them have administrative value and others are just for headlines and change nothing. We have discovered a number of cases filed here that could impact on the lives of your family. To discover more about some of these cases, continue reading here for more info.

The first one is the power of federal agencies. One James Kisor is pursuing the case and he is facing the department of veteran affairs. He argues that some of the laws available here are vague and the court could be working together with the government agencies. In a case where the Supreme Court find some truth in this case, they will need to propose a clearer direction from the beginning.

Second the upcoming case is that of the added question in the 2020 census. There are at least 18 states that are challenging the added question. The the reason, why they are challenging the question, is the fact that it is an avenue where some of the immigrants will avoid the census Again, the question can bring about incorrect reporting and therefore people missing out on government funding.

Thirdly is redistricting case. In this case that uses the State of Maryland as its basis aims to reconsider the usefulness of redistricting decisions. The judge, in this case, plays a vital role as he or she will determine if political elements have a great impact on the redistricting. When such happens, the judge will declare this law illegal.

Another case in court is the banning of transgender in the military. The ban is still not under effect as there are three transgender persons who are appealing against the ban imposed by the trump administration. In the military view, these persons have a negative impact in areas such as good order, discipline, sound leadership and unit cohesion.

Another case is that of the customized plate numbers. Almost everyone is familiar to bright and colorful license plates that people are using. However, there are those that don’t see the need to include the Confederate flag symbol. With this in mind, some of us may care to know more about the value of the number plates.

The last case differs case against childhood arrivals. This law aims at protecting the immigrants and was introduced by Obama’s administration. There are therefore states objecting its removal as the trump administration want it removed Consequently, the law is still in action and is expected to affect a lot of people.